Familiar Dwellings

Curated by Catherine de Montreuil

With works by Ingrid Olauson, Olivia Meek, Graeme Wahn, Lyndsay Pomerantz, Will Dege, Tommy Chain, Emma Metcalfe Hurst and Catherine de Montreuil

This group exhibition investigates the visual languages of objects and settings that support everyday life within the home.Through a mimesis of domestic living space, this exhibition considers the ways in which the objects and architecture that comprise the home simultaneously mediate, reflect and construct our relationship to our immediate 'outside' world.

Each artist brings their individual sensibilities and understandings of this topic, as well as the collectively experienced cultural phenomena of what defines the house, the home, the living space. The space's collaborative design and 'furnishings' exhibit a reflection of the many visual, sensual and objective components that comprise the home – objects, media, decorations, images, bodies and architecture. The installation produces a familiar space of comfort shadowed by the eerie openness of the gallery space: the work resting tenuously between theatrical prop, sitcom set, gallery installation and actual living space.

The Concourse Gallery at Emily Carr University

January 2015

Familiar Dwellings Familiar Dwellings Familiar Dwellings Familiar Dwellings Familiar Dwellings
Familiar Dwellings